Happy International Women’s Day

Let’s talk about Susan, Elizabeth, Lucy and Alice,
Eleanor, Betty, Aretha and Janis,
millions of women, many unknown
have suffered and fought, often alone.

In a world where a woman’s worth
was determined by others
the only choice given was
to be wives and mothers.

Women where limited
to serve men’s needs,
their souls neglected,
their minds starving seeds.

A lot has changed
but dogmas live long
in the minds of the stubborn
women still aren’t strong.

When dogmas pale
hypocrisy arises,
when violence fails,
sugar coating hides it.

Respect on paper
is a house without door,
pretty to look at
but sure nothing more.

Women’s rights have improved
thanks to the brave
but not everywhere
many still live enslaved.

Every time a woman is belittled,
her ideas stolen,
her tears rollin’,
her rights taken,
her hands shakin’,
her hope dying
and her heart crying
stand up, rise and remember the millions
who once like you
fought against villains.

Sisters, mothers, daughters, women,
believe in yourselves
and face the tide
claim your rights
and claim them with pride.

Acknowledge the people
who live the change
and teach your daughters
our world shouldn’t have chains.